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Orthopedic surgeon
Aristidis-Elias Veves MD

Eftychidou 2 street , Pangrati , P.o. Box 116 35 , Athens.
Phone: 213 04.42.641
Fax: 213 04.42.641
Mobile phone: 6945 77.42.46


Opening hours

Monday to Friday by appointment


with Dual Mobility Cups for greater range of motion and less wear.



      Orthopedic surgeon


Aristidis - Elias Veves is a graduate of the Medical School of Charles University in Prague. He specializes in Orthopedic Surgery in Sweden, specializing in Shoulder and Knee arthroscopy, hand and foot microsurgery and hip replacement surgery.

He is currently working with hospitals in Sweden.


He has a private practice, he is an Orthopedic Surgeon of Henry Dunant Hospital and  Therapis General Hospital.

"Our goal is that the patient is in the center of everything we do, understanding and explaining the problem is paramount before we decide for a treatment."  

Orthopedic Experience

  • Experience in treating the widest range of fractures with surgical and conservative techniques.

  • Specialization in Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery.

  • Specialization in hand and foot limb microsurgery.

  • Specialization in the replacement of the hip joint with Dual Mobility Cups - BIOMET and AMIS.

  • Experience in local injections for the treatment of chronic pain in diseases of the Spine.


Τενοντίτιδα - ρήξη στροφικού πετάλου , σύνδρομο πρόσκρουσης , αστάθεια

Tendonitis - Rupture of the rotator cuff, Impact syndrome, instability

Αρθρίτιδα ισχίου

Hip Arthritis

Ρήξη μηνίσκου , χιαστού

Rupture of Meniscus, Cruciate ligament

Τενοντίτιδες , κατάγματα , αποσυμπίεση νεύρων.

Tendonitis, fractures, nerve decompression.

Κότσι ,  παραμόρφωση πτέρνας , πλατυποδία , σφυροδακτυλία

Hallux Valgus, flat foot, hammer toe, heel deformity.

Οσφυαλγία - έγχυση τοπικών φαρμάκων.

Backache - Infusion of topical medications.

"Our goal is that the patient is in the center of everything we do , understanding and explaining the problem is paramount before we decide for a treatment."


Άκανθα πτέρνας
Ρίκνωση χεριού
Ρίκνωση dupuytren

Conservative Treatment

blood (1).png

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma.

Platelet therapy, growth factors.


Musculoskeletal ultrasound
Ultrasound is a reliable diagnostic method for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It enables the orthopedic doctor to image the soft tissues and the joints without burdening the patient with radiation. It is a fast, painless imaging method, which can be repeated without any restrictions for the body. In many cases of soft tissue injuries, it is possible for the ultrasound to replace the MRI scan, thus saving the patient time and money. In cases where the patient is not allowed to do an MRI, eg due to the presence of a pacemaker or metal implants in the body, the ultrasound can provide the solution and help in the diagnosis .... ( read more ).

Patient Evaluations

Keyboard and Mouse

Excellent doctor, so I went again. Glad I can write again about how good a doctor he is.


Excellent service, fully trained !!!! It made me feel comfortable.

Vassilis N.


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προφύλαξη covid 19
Health and safety: Appointment required · Mask required · Staff wearing mask · Staff disinfection required between visits.
If you do not feel well, follow the instructions of your local health authority.
Directions to Eftyxidou (Pangrati) by public transit.
The following bus lines have routes that pass near Eftychidou
  • Bus: 203, 211
  • Metro: M3 - Evaggelismos.
  • Trolley: 2 , 4.
  • There is a TAXI square right in Plastira Square where there is a TAXI 24 hours a day.
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