Orthopedic surgeon
Aristidis-Elias Veves MD

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is the minimally invasive surgery where through small incisions the diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of most shoulder diseases is made.



Orthopedic surgeon


Aristides - Elias Veves is a graduate of the Medical School of Charles University in Prague. He specializes in Orthopedic Surgery in Sweden, specializing in Shoulder and Knee arthroscopy, hand and foot microsurgery and hip remedial surgery.

He is currently working with hospitals in Sweden.


It has a private practice, is a partner of the "Metropolitan General" Hospital, the Peristeri Medical Center and smaller private clinics where they can provide high services at reduced costs such as the Athens Bioclinic and is contracted with private insurance through Biomedicine-Fonemed.


"The goal is always to be at the center of the patient, understanding and explaining the problem is paramount before we come to treatment."


Orthopedic Experience

  • Experience in treating the widest range of fractures with surgical and conservative techniques.

  • Specialization in Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery.

  • Specialization in hand and foot limb microsurgery.

  • Specialization in the replacement of the hip joint with Dual Mobility Cups - BIOMET and AMIS.

  • Experience in local injections for the treatment of chronic pain in diseases of the Spine.


Τενοντίτιδα - Ρήξη Στροφικού Πετάλου , Σύνδρομο Πρόσκρουσης , Αστάθεια

Tendonitis - Rupture of the rotator cuff, Impact syndrome, instability

Αρθρίτιδα Ισχίου

Hip Arthritis

Ρήξη Μηνίσκου , Χιαστού

Rupture of Meniscus, Cruciate ligament

Τενοντίτιδες , Κατάγματα , Αποσυμπίεση Νεύρων.

Tendonitis, fractures, nerve decompression.

Κότσι , Πλατυποδία , Σφυροδακτυλία, Παραμόρφωση Πτέρνας.

Hallux Valgus, flat foot, hammer toe, heel deformity.

Οσφυαλγία - Έγχυση Τοπικών Φαρμάκων.

Backache - Infusion of topical medications.


Άκανθα Πτέρνας
Ρίκνωση Χεριού
Ρίκνωση Dupuytren

Patient Evaluations

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Excellent doctor, so I went again. Glad I can write again about how good a doctor he is.


Excellent service, fully trained !!!! It made me feel comfortable.

Vassilis N.


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