1. Shoulder Impact Syndrome

Shoulder impact syndrome is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain and usually occurs when tendons or bursae fall off the shoulder bones.

With shoulder impact syndrome, the pain is persistent and significantly affects daily activities. For example, the movement you make to wear a coat or a blouse can cause severe pain.

The main causes of occurrence are the continuous repetitive movements in which the hand rises to shoulder height and makes some intense movement or lifts a lot of weight resulting in the gradual wear of the joint at this point. Another cause for shoulder impact syndrome, however, can be any congenital abnormality in the structure of the bones and the joint of the shoulder.

Common symptoms of shoulder impact syndrome include difficulty reaching the arm behind the back, pain when lifting the arm, and weakness of the shoulder muscles.

If the tendons remain injured for a long time, a rotator cuff rupture can occur, resulting in a significant inability to raise the arm.

2. Arthroscopic suturing of the rotator cuff.

3. Tendon ligation of long biceps head.